Get Involved!

Alex and I are getting involved in this project called Help-Portait.  Watch the video!  It's an amazing concept and perfect for the holidays.  If you want to get involved by helping in any way, please let us know!  Lets spread the love!

Jeff and Kelly Engagement

The day Alex and I shot Jeff and Kelly's engagement, it was super cold out. We shot most of the images inside the Muttart Conservatory, and then headed out to brave the cold at Rexall place to get some photos with Wayne Gretzky - Jeff and Kelly are insane Oilers fans; Alex and I...not so much, but we had a blast taking photos and can't wait to photograph their wedding.
Congrats, and YAY to your engagement!



Dave and Cories Engagement

The nice, warm weather for outdoor photography is coming to a close, but Alex and I squeezed in a couple engagement shoots in the past few weeks before the leaves fell off the trees.  Here's some of our favorites.  And there were lots! It was very hard to narrow it down.
The photos were taken at "Beyond the Blue Sky" which is found 3km north of Darwell on Hwy 765.  I highly recommend anyone who enjoys country style photos to head out there and check it out!  Theresa, the lady that runs the place, is super sweet and even invited us in for some hot chocolate after the shoot to warm us up!  Thanks Theresa, and thanks to Dave and Corie for toughing out the chilly weather!  It was SO worth it!

Props to Alex for this shot!  The horses started walking towards one another and hugging.  While I was busy freaking out over the fact that we had horses that were in love, and people that were in love, (OMG), Alex managed to captured the moment perfectly! Yay to L.O.V.E.

I'm pretty sure we've all seen this rendition somewhere on the web from another photographer...but we just couldn't resist!

Hurray for Dave and Corie.  We're going to have TUNS of fun at your "Hillbilly Ho-Down" wedding!