Marc and Kate - Photo Booth

Alex and I were so thrilled to hear that Kate and Marc were tying the knot and instantly thought, would we be their wedding photographers?  You see, Kate and I have been great friends for about 12 years now and we have most certainly had the talk about how hard it is to enjoy a friends wedding when you're the photographer, so Alex and I went as guests.  What a Beautiful wedding, and so much fun - I don't think we could have enjoyed it more!

We decided that our gift to Marc and Kate would be to set up a photo booth at their reception and have some fun with their guests during the night.  And of course, I just had to post some of our favorites!  Enjoy!

portrait of a bride - just lovely

Uncle Brucie and the gang

Marcs family flew from far and wide to attend the wedding - as far as Ireland!

Alex and I both agree - this is the winner for best photo in a photo booth - EVER! Nice Janelle!

lovin' the hat Jessica

and of course - US!

Marc and Kate - thank you So much for sharing your amazingly perfect day with us both.  We have to say…you're great friends, outstanding people, and so very lucky to have one another.  And Marc - this is your official welcome to the "cool pool".  Love you guys <3