Jeff and Kelly's Wedding Day Preview

Here's one image from Jeff and Kelly's gorgeous wedding.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  Sun was shining, everyone was super chill and happy, but most importantly, mosquitoes weren't biting yet!  I love this photo.  These two were totally just having a moment and when I showed them the image after on the back of my camera, Kelly said "oh I love it, you can see my ring!"  And what a beautiful ring it is.

  I also want to share with you something that Alex and I had never done before, so Jeff and Kelly agreed to be our "trial couple".  We made them table numbers for their reception to jazz the room up a bit  and give their guests something to look at until the bride and groom arrived.  From what we heard, and saw, everyone loved them, (people were actually taking them home as they left)  Party favors?
This is what they look like up close.

And this is what they looked like in action.

Thanks you two for being so fun and outgoing.  Can't wait to post more.