Chris and Heather Kent - Wedding Day August 6,2011

Chris and Heather - our first BC wedding since moving to the Okanagan, and what a great way to start.  I think I mentioned this before, but Alex and I have never felt more like family at a wedding than at this one.  Everyone was so welcoming and kind - Alex and I would love to thank you all for that (and for all the yummy food!!).  Now lets talk about the bride and groom.  Normally we write about the day, what we loved about it, and how fabulous the special couples we photograph are...but this time we would like to make things a little more personal.
Dear Chris and Heather,
You two make one tough couple.  What Alex and I have learned about you in the time we have spent with you is that you are very motivated people with great passion for life and love...and maybe some scotch.  We want to congratulate you both on your new life together and wish for your lives to be an exciting journey (about as exciting as a groom flying off a ramp...on his bike...into the lake...wearing a kilt!)
We are so happy to have gotten to know you and everyone at the wedding - what a wonderful bunch.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We can't wait to get these photos in your hands.  Please enjoy them today, and forever.

Cheers, Drink Scotch

Amy and Alex

More photos in their way! Trash the Dress session next!

- I have to add in a funny story just now.  I was asking Alex what the date of the wedding was so I could add it in the blog post.  As he scrambled to get to a calendar, I said "WAIT! Check your wine glass".  Sure enough, he was using the wine glass that Chris and Heather gave each of us as a party favor from their wedding with the wedding date on it.  Chris and Heather - thank you for the wine glasses.

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