Travel time with Amory

So after Alex and I got back from Montreal, we traveled with our dear friend Amory who visited us two weeks after we returned from Montreal.  It was Amory's first time to western Canada so we thought we would show him the mountains - naturally. 

First we started by going to Drumheller to spend one night, and then on up to Banff for a night as well, and then our last night was spent in Jasper. 

The following are some favorite photos of our three night trip that will not be forgotten. 

Thanks Amory for all your delicious cooking and friendly smile!  We miss you everyday and know you will be back here soon enough to go even further through the west.

This shot was taken by Alex at our campsite.  Just across a little dirt road was this scene welcoming us to our home for the night.  

We went exploring to the Star Mine suspension bridge.  We had fun there and that's where the shot of Alex fishing on the previous trip post came from.

The next morning, before leaving for Banff, we went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Where Alex got eaten by a dinosaur!!!!

We also saw the Hoodoo's with our pocket pal Lobo.

Cascade Ponds is the beautiful scene below.  It was cold as you can tell, but we still stopped for some photo opps and got some very nice shots of Amory to take back to Toronto.


This next image is Medicine Lake which dries up in the fall and winter months, but during spring and summer is a full body of water and sometimes even floods.  It really is fascinating and I encourage you to read up on it and visit there if you have the chance.  It's really something else!

The road passing Medicine Lake took us up to Maligne Lake where we met some friends we made at our campsite the night before - Lacy and Brett who are also big fishers.  

Sadly, we couldn't fish on this side of the river.

But we could fish on this side!

And yes!  Alex finally caught a fish!

Thanks again Amory for such a fun exploration!

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