Baby Gabriela

One thing Alex and I haven't taken many photos of, is babies.  

Usually at photo shoots, what happens is Alex takes care of all the digital, technical things - setting up lights, making sure the exposures are right, adjusting the angle of the lights, etc.  I take the role of "the entertainer" - doing most of the interacting, posing, and coming up with ridiculous jokes to make people laugh.  This is how every shoot has gone since Alex and I started working together.  
But then...dun dun dun, this beautiful, adorable, too cute to be true baby comes along and all of a sudden Alexander can't put down the camera.  

I am quite confident to say that with the exception of one image, the below images were all Alexander's doing.  Perhaps he has found his new niche?

Thank you Ruth and Antonio for sharing your bundle of joy with us, and thank you baby Gabriela for waiting until the photos were done before you started to cry.

Too cute - just too cute!

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  1. Great shoots guys! Besides I am loving Babys, those pictures are incredible good. You are right Amy, she looks adorable!
    Best regards, Inga