Flowers for Amanda

About three weeks ago, Alex and I took a trip out to Vancouver to see what the photography market was like out there and to have a mini vacation as well.  
We took so many photos and were just blown away by the trees and flowers we saw during our trip.
So here I am on a rainy saturday filtering through the images.  Well, they made me think of my best friend Amanda.  She is always talking about how much beauty the world holds even when things seem to be at their worst.  She really does see beauty in everything.  

So Amanda, this is for you.  <3

 It might not be in front of our eyes all the time...but this world really is wonderful.


  1. These are beautiful you two! The last one is really something special.

  2. thanks Colleen! You're sweet!

  3. Anonymous1.6.10

    This post is stunning Amy. I feel so happy that you are in my life. I feel very special that you thought of me while looking at these beautiful flowers.

  4. Anonymous2.9.10

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful.