Keith and Kellie - aka K2, Engagement

Alex and I had the lovely pleasure of meeting this sweet couple just before February long weekend.  

We had been planning a road trip to Radium for the long weekend and were very pleased to find out that Keith and Kellie were heading to Lake Louise for their long weekend getaway.  We had planned to do their engagement shoot when they got back into Edmonton, and then two seconds before they walked out the door, Alex stopped them and proposed the idea of us meeting them in Lake Louise and having the shoot there.

Below is the outcome!  What a wonderful place to take photos.  I had never been in that hotel before so it was pretty fun for me to finally be in the Chateau Lake Louise I have heard so much about.  For those that don't know, I used to work at a hotel and was told that Lake Louise was the nicest of all the Fairmont hotels.  I have no doubts about that now.

The photo shoot went fast, was super busy with people all over the place and two very excited photographers sliding around on the skating rink with shoes on, trying not to fall over.  Alex even got to know one of the tourists there quite well - you should ask him about this...it's funny.

We had a fabulous time shooting and cannot wait for K2's wedding.  It's definitely going to push our creativity as photographers.

Love the Olympic mittens Kellie!

Keith and Kelly even played us a little diddy on the piano - so cute.

The next two shots were taken at the same time.  I was on the bridge shooting down, and Alex was taking close ups while holding our light.  Both great shots and totally different.

This ice castle was right on Lake Louise behind the hotel and was flooded with tourists.  Fortunately people saw we were trying to accomplish something here, and politely moved out of the way.  In the chance that you are one of those people - Thank you kindly.

Thanks K2 for a fun shoot and a great long weekend!

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  1. Michelle Hardy23.6.10

    Wow! These pictures are STUNNING!