Brucker Family in Westbank

Since being in Kelowna, Alex and I have been blessed with warm(er) weather, fresh(er) fruit and veggies, and more lakes and rivers to take our fishing rods out on.  We also have been very fortunate to have met some amazing people - the Bruckers.
Back in August of 2010, Alex and I spent a very special wedding day with Keith and Kellie where we were graced with the hilariously funny personality of Gary Brucker (Kellies uncle).  Little did we know…the Brucker family was from Kelowna.  Well, one thing lead to another and we all got together for a family photo shoot on a perfectly sunny day.  

I have to send a huge thanks out to Kellie for helping this shoot come together, and another huge thanks to the Brucker family - you have been so kind, accommodating, and just overall awesome!  You made the shoot so easy and fun - more photos on the way soon.

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