Elana - Head Shots

You might think this person looks like me.  Or maybe you don't.  Fact is - this is my sister.  Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and talented older sister.
Elana recently changed her major to Drama at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.  She's been cast in a few plays already and encouraged to join an acting program.  I'm so happy she has found something in this life that she is as passionate and in love with as I am with photography.  We're becoming quite the family of artists.  
We shot this in our grandparents spare bedroom on Christmas Day.  We had about two inches on either side of us to move between the bed and the wall.  I think we managed just fine.

You're awesome Elana, and you look amazing! Love you! 

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  1. Anonymous30.12.10

    Elana - You are stunning!!!