Keith and Kellie's Wedding Day

Part two of the magnificent Keith and Kellie!  There are some photos in this post that were also in the slideshow but I thought, perhaps, some people would like to see them for longer than one second at a time. 
Alex and I spent the whole day with this couple, from super bright and early, to late at night (Alex and I ended up partying a bit more at this wedding than we ever have).  There were lots of photos to share so I hope you enjoy them all.  Alex even makes an appearence in one of the photos with his awesome dance moves. 

And now for a little note to Keith and Kellie - about Keith and Kellie (who call themselves K2 - so cute).
- You are an amazing couple that we are more than overjoyed to have met and befriended.  Your passion for life, nature, and health inspires us to be more giving and passionate to this earth.  Keep on doing what you're doing.  We wish only the best to you both!  Cheers *red wine glass clinks*

This next photo is too sweet.  Keith had sent over flowers to Kellie with a special note to her before their big day.  When her mom read the note with her, they both started crying...and so did I.  Well done Keith, well done.

Sometimes you get lucky with very special photos.  The ones where mothers don't know photographers are spying in on their emotions.  

Kellie is super strong!!!  Check out her health and fitness blog by clicking on "ME"

She also has very talented friends who make jewlery, which can be seen "HERE"

These chocolates were specially made by the very talented Jacqueline from Jacek Chocolate Couture.  I love how the K and the 2 make a heart - I wonder if this was done on purpose?

I love these next three Alex took of the guys having a late night cigar.

Alex and I had a lot of fun using the light outside the banquet hall to create this stunning photo of Keith and Kellie in the night light.  Alex got very excited, and very creative, and we couldn't be happier with the result.  Thank you K2 for having such patience with us while we set this shot up. 

Last but not least, thank you once again K2 for sharing your fun filled day with A2. 
All our love - Amy and Alex

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