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Hello followers and friends of IvenKaye.  

As many of you know (and some of you may not), Alexander Del Hierro, and I, Amy Bizovie, have moved away from Edmonton in pursuit of our own independent journeys.
Alex has left to New Zeland for...well...no one is quite sure how long he will be gone for.  He will most likely return from his adventures after a period of six months - that way he gets all his tax money back!  Good thinkin' Alex!  

You can follow Alex and his adventures on his new blog Del Hierro Adventures Check it out!  He'll be updating everyone on photo shoots, fish, and most likely food too.  Wish him well!
I have gone a different, closer direction.  West!  I have now arrived in Kelowna BC and will continue to work from here until Alex returns to join forces with me once again.
We are both still doing photo shoots and I would LOVE to see Alex post a wedding from New Zeland on the IvenKaye blog!  If anyone can help us out with that, hook a brotha' up.  

Also - if you were interested in our services and reside in Edmonton or surrounding area, please do not cancel us out as an option.  Alex and I both have family in Edmonton and would love to have an excuse (other than beautiful people to take photos of), to visit good ol' Alberta.  As of now, anything before June in Edmonton or Kelowna/Okanogan will be handled by me.  Anything after June Alex and I will shoot together.  May wedding?  Don't worry.  I know plenty of talented photographers to help me out on your wedding day.  

I can't wait to get some photos up from the new places Alex and I are exploring.  We can only gain more experience and grow as people and photographers from our new paths, which means, more pretty things for you to look at.

Miss you all!  Keep in touch.  Email is the best option right now as I only have limited use of my cell phone and Alex probably threw his off a bridge by now ;)

Cheers - Drink Wine,

- Amy (and on behalf of Alex)

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