Keith and Kellie's Wedding Slideshow

Alex and I just got back from handing off our last wedding photos to the lovely couple Keith and Kellie.  I will post more photos in the next few days, but during our visit Kellie expressed that someone was waiting to see the photos on the blog tonight…so…here is a preview of what is to come. 

With every client Alex and I have the pleasure of getting to know, we usually incorperate some kind of bonus/gift to their package.  I found this Hallmark Slideshow maker and thought it might be a nice touch to Keith and Kellies wedding day photos.  I had great difficulty making it work the way it was supposed to and under no circumstances was it to go un-viewed!  So, here it is.  It's not fancy, but it is two beautiful people in love, and that alone makes my heart melt.  Here's to K2! 

                             Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

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