Kurtis and Amanda - Couples Portraits

The Holidays are always a busy time of year, but what better way to spend it than with friends and family.  I've been very busy taking photos of, friends, family, and little pretty things that catch my eye along the way.  Today was no exception.  
I had lots of fun on this photo shoot with my best friend Amanda and her boyfriend Kurtis.  We took the photos just down the road from where they live - very convenient, and it allowed for numerous warm up breaks.  Shoots are always a little shaky at first.  I'm getting comfortable with the light, the weather, and the people I'm photographing, and they are getting used to me having a big lens in their face and my subtle requests - "maybe try putting your hand here, or lifting your chin juuuust a bit".  But Kurtis and Amanda were super easy to work with (even though Kurtis is not a huge fan of having his photo taken).  He's one of those people that likes to be on the other side of the lens, like me!
Thank you both for sticking it out in the cold - I think we all froze our little toes off, but I am so happy with the images and think it was all worth it.  Enjoy, and stay warm out there folks! 

Shout out to Ray-Ban

I love this photo - you guys are awesome!

Thank you Kurtis and Amanda for being such great friends! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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